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I am pleased to inform you that you have landed on the right page in your search for a website that makes it a lot easier obtaining concise, up to date information regarding doing away elective rotations at medical institutions in United States.

With this website our goal is to organize detailed, yet to the point information regarding the application process for elective rotations at US medical Universities/Schools for purpose of acquiring US Clinical Experience (USCE). Acquiring US clinical experience is critical and even compulsory as a requirement by most top tier Medical institutions if future residency training in USA is desired. Its not an easy process, but I have put in effort to make it simple as it sounds.

I am a strong advocate of exchanging knowledge free of cost, especialy among students. When I was a student this info was not easily available to me, but thanks to the hardwork it is now available to you. You will also soon realise that currently is really the BEST website on this subject and the MOST UP TO DATE (as possible), It is also 100 % FREE (no scam of money for the list or anything and also the MOST POPULAR. Our goal is to spread the knowledge for free and make things easier for medical students.

Lets get things rolling ! Have fun navigating through the links on this website, most of them are self-explanatory. Feedback, questions and comments may be addressed to We appriciate all kinds of feedback. Do not hesitate to write to us. We respond to every email, but we appreciate if you initialy attempt to search the website for answers before - many times you will find the answers. If not then you are welcome to send an email.


Jay J. Idrees, M.D.,

Founder and Chief Administrator
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If you are a medical student or an international medical graduate looking for electives, observerships, externships and research experience in US, we recommend that you consider visiting We understand that securing electives/Observerships at US medical schools can be a daunting task and over the last several years it has become incredibly competitive for international medical students and graduates to secure residency in US. In an attempt to help the international medical students and graduates, US Electives is collaborating with Medclerkships to help students find opportunities for US Clinical Experience. We encourrage you to check it out.

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